Sexual predators and sexual offenders who are required to register are also required to report all email addresses and Internet Identifiers before they are used. In accordance with the Cybercrimes Against Children Act of 2007, FDLE is providing an online option to report this information. The following system can be used by registered sexual offenders and sexual predators to maintain email and other Internet accounts.

"Internet Identifier" as defined in s. 775.21 means all electronic mail, chat, instant messenger, social networking, application software, or similar names used for Internet communication, but does not include a date of birth, social security number, or personal identification number (PIN). Voluntary disclosure by a sexual predator or sexual offender of his or her date of birth, social security number, or PIN as an Internet identifier waives the disclosure exemption in this paragraph for such personal information.

A sexual predator or sexual offender who fails to provide electronic mail address or Internet identifier information before use commits a felony of the third degree.

Please note that use of this system by sexual offenders and sexual predators is optional. If you choose not to use this system, all online accounts must be reported to the Sheriffs Office before they are used.

To log into the system please input your username and password into the fields provided below. If you have not yet received a username or password please contact FDLE at 888-357-7332.
User Name:

Important Note: Since your original password was randomly generated, it is recommended that you change your password upon initial login. After logging into the system, click "Change Password" to create a new password. For added security, you may wish to change your password several times a year.